ARTplacc 2014

Tihany 16-20 July 2014 > contemporary art festival and fair


Faur Zsófi Gallery is delighted to announce its participation at
ARTplacc-Contemporary Art Festival and Fair.

Tihany, Hungary
16-20 July 2014

Exhibiting artists:
Áron Zsolt MAJOROS

ARTplacc made its debut in the summer of 2011 with a clear motivation of repositioning contemporary art and making it accessible for the broader public by presenting it in a somewhat unconventional, less formal setting. The festival is located in a village that bears the opportunity in itself to become the contemporary cultural hub of the Northern shore of Lake Balaton. We feel that with enduring work, the festival will contribute to the image of Tihany and become a professional platform of contemporary arts.

Through the multifaceted lense of culture the festival relies on two pillars: direct cultural experience and gastronomy. As the saying goes, a festival is not a festival without a musical and gastronomic profile. After the various daytime programs, Djs and VJs guarentee memorable nights by the Lake in the framework of the First Tihany Gastronomy and Art Days, running parallel with the festival itself.